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Employment Wage Statistics

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This section shows the estimated employment wage statistics for individuals in South Dakota employed as Forest and Conservation Workers in 2021.
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Rate Type / Statistical Type 25th % Mean 75th %
Annual wage or salary $25,578 $30,574 $36,830
Hourly wage $12.30 $14.70 $17.71
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The most recent State Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) survey estimates that the mean hourly wage for Forest and Conservation Workers in South Dakota in 2021 was $14.70. The mean annual wage or salary was $30,574.
Source: Labor Market Information Center, SD Dept. of Labor & Regulation
The mean wage is also known as the average wage. The mean wage is calculated by dividing the estimated total wages for an occupation by the number of workers in that occupation. 25th % and 75th % wage rates represent the 25th and 75th percentile of the wage distribution, respectively.

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