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Related Occupations

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Rank Related Occupations Duties *Related By
1 Information and Record Clerks, All Other All information and record clerks not listed separately. SOC4
2 Library Assistants, Clerical Compile records, and sort, shelve, issue, and receive library materials such as books, electronic media, pictures, cards, slides and microfilm. Locate library materials for loan and replace material in shelving area, stacks, or files according to identification number and title. Register patrons to permit them to borrow books, periodicals, and other library materials. SOC4
3 Order Clerks Receive and process incoming orders for materials, merchandise, classified ads, or services such as repairs, installations, or rental of facilities. Generally receives orders via mail, phone, fax, or other electronic means. Duties include informing customers of receipt, prices, shipping dates, and delays; preparing contracts; and handling complaints. SOC4
4 Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents and Travel Clerks Make and confirm reservations for transportation or lodging, or sell transportation tickets. May check baggage and direct passengers to designated concourse, pier, or track; deliver tickets and contact individuals and groups to inform them of package tours; or provide tourists with travel or transportation information. SOC4
5 Administrative Services ManagersOccupation is in National High Growth industry Plan, direct, or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization, such as records and information management, mail distribution, and other office support services. O*NET
6 Bill and Account Collectors Locate and notify customers of delinquent accounts by mail, telephone, or personal visit to solicit payment. Duties include receiving payment and posting amount to customer's account, preparing statements to credit department if customer fails to respond, initiating repossession proceedings or service disconnection, and keeping records of collection and status of accounts. O*NET
7 Billing and Posting Clerks Compile, compute, and record billing, accounting, statistical, and other numerical data for billing purposes. Prepare billing invoices for services rendered or for delivery or shipment of goods. O*NET
8 Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing ClerksOccupation is in National High Growth industry Compute, classify, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete. Perform any combination of routine calculating, posting, and verifying duties to obtain primary financial data for use in maintaining accounting records. May also check the accuracy of figures, calculations, and postings pertaining to business transactions recorded by other workers. O*NET
9 Brokerage Clerks Perform duties related to the purchase, sale, or holding of securities. Duties include writing orders for stock purchases or sales, computing transfer taxes, verifying stock transactions, accepting and delivering securities, tracking stock price fluctuations, computing equity, distributing dividends, and keeping records of daily transactions and holdings. O*NET
10 Compensation and Benefits Managers Plan, direct, or coordinate compensation and benefits activities of an organization. O*NET
11 Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis SpecialistsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Conduct programs of compensation and benefits and job analysis for employer. May specialize in specific areas, such as position classification and pension programs. O*NET
12 Court, Municipal, and License ClerksOccupation is in National High Growth industry Perform clerical duties for courts of law, municipalities, or governmental licensing agencies and bureaus. May prepare docket of cases to be called; secure information for judges and court; prepare draft agendas or bylaws for town or city council; answer official correspondence; keep fiscal records and accounts; issue licenses or permits; and record data, administer tests, or collect fees. O*NET
13 Customer Service RepresentativesOccupation is in National High Growth industryGreen Occupation Interact with customers to provide basic or scripted information in response to routine inquiries about products and services. May handle and resolve general complaints. Excludes individuals whose duties are primarily installation, sales, repair, and technical support. O*NET
14 Dispatchers, Except Police, Fire, and AmbulanceGreen Occupation Schedule and dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles for conveyance of materials, freight, or passengers, or for normal installation, service, or emergency repairs rendered outside the place of business. Duties may include using radio, telephone, or computer to transmit assignments and compiling statistics and reports on work progress. O*NET
15 Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs Determine eligibility of persons applying to receive assistance from government programs and agency resources, such as welfare, unemployment benefits, social security, and public housing. O*NET
16 Equal Opportunity Representatives and OfficersOccupation is in National High Growth industry Monitor and evaluate compliance with equal opportunity laws, guidelines, and policies to ensure that employment practices and contracting arrangements give equal opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. O*NET
17 Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, and handling information requests, as well as performing routine administrative functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. May also train and supervise lower-level clerical staff. O*NET
18 First-Line Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers Directly supervise and coordinate activities of sales workers other than retail sales workers. May perform duties such as budgeting, accounting, and personnel work, in addition to supervisory duties. O*NET
19 First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support WorkersOccupation is in National High Growth industry Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of clerical and administrative support workers. O*NET
20 Health Information Technologists and Medical RegistrarsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Apply knowledge of healthcare and information systems to assist in the design, development, and continued modification and analysis of computerized healthcare systems. Abstract, collect, and analyze treatment and followup information of patients. May educate staff and assist in problem solving to promote the implementation of the healthcare information system. May design, develop, test, and implement databases with complete history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status to help monitor diseases. O*NET
21 Human Resources ManagersOccupation is in National High Growth industry Plan, direct, or coordinate human resources activities and staff of an organization. O*NET
22 Human Resources SpecialistsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Recruit, screen, interview, or place individuals within an organization. May perform other activities in multiple human resources areas. O*NET
23 Industrial-Organizational Psychologists Apply principles of psychology to human resources, administration, management, sales, and marketing problems. Activities may include policy planning; employee testing and selection, training, and development; and organizational development and analysis. May work with management to organize the work setting to improve worker productivity. O*NET
24 Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks Process new insurance policies, modifications to existing policies, and claims forms. Obtain information from policyholders to verify the accuracy and completeness of information on claims forms, applications and related documents, and company records. Update existing policies and company records to reflect changes requested by policyholders and insurance company representatives. O*NET
25 Interpreters and TranslatorsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Interpret oral or sign language, or translate written text from one language into another. O*NET
26 Interviewers, Except Eligibility and Loan Interview persons by telephone, mail, in person, or by other means for the purpose of completing forms, applications, or questionnaires. Ask specific questions, record answers, and assist persons with completing form. May sort, classify, and file forms. O*NET
27 Labor Relations Specialists Resolve disputes between workers and managers, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, or coordinate grievance procedures to handle employee complaints. O*NET
28 Legal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Perform secretarial duties using legal terminology, procedures, and documents. Prepare legal papers and correspondence, such as summonses, complaints, motions, and subpoenas. May also assist with legal research. O*NET
29 Library Technicians Assist librarians by helping readers in the use of library catalogs, databases, and indexes to locate books and other materials; and by answering questions that require only brief consultation of standard reference. Compile records; sort and shelve books or other media; remove or repair damaged books or other media; register patrons; and check materials in and out of the circulation process. Replace materials in shelving area (stacks) or files. Includes bookmobile drivers who assist with providing services in mobile libraries. O*NET
30 Loan Interviewers and ClerksOccupation is in National High Growth industry Interview loan applicants to elicit information; investigate applicants' backgrounds and verify references; prepare loan request papers; and forward findings, reports, and documents to appraisal department. Review loan papers to ensure completeness, and complete transactions between loan establishment, borrowers, and sellers upon approval of loan. O*NET
31 Management AnalystsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively. Includes program analysts and management consultants. O*NET
32 Medical Records SpecialistsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the healthcare system. Classify medical and healthcare concepts, including diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment, into the healthcare industry's numerical coding system. Includes medical coders. O*NET
33 Medical Secretaries and Administrative AssistantsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Perform secretarial duties using specific knowledge of medical terminology and hospital, clinic, or laboratory procedures. Duties may include scheduling appointments, billing patients, and compiling and recording medical charts, reports, and correspondence. O*NET
34 New Accounts Clerks Interview persons desiring to open accounts in financial institutions. Explain account services available to prospective customers and assist them in preparing applications. O*NET
35 Office Clerks, GeneralOccupation is in National High Growth industry Perform duties too varied and diverse to be classified in any specific office clerical occupation, requiring knowledge of office systems and procedures. Clerical duties may be assigned in accordance with the office procedures of individual establishments and may include a combination of answering telephones, bookkeeping, typing or word processing, office machine operation, and filing. O*NET
36 Paralegals and Legal AssistantsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Assist lawyers by investigating facts, preparing legal documents, or researching legal precedent. Conduct research to support a legal proceeding, to formulate a defense, or to initiate legal action. O*NET
37 Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks Compile and record employee time and payroll data. May compute employees' time worked, production, and commission. May compute and post wages and deductions, or prepare paychecks. O*NET
38 Private Detectives and InvestigatorsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Gather, analyze, compile, and report information regarding individuals or organizations to clients, or detect occurrences of unlawful acts or infractions of rules in private establishment. O*NET
39 Procurement Clerks Compile information and records to draw up purchase orders for procurement of materials and services. O*NET
40 Production, Planning, and Expediting ClerksGreen Occupation Coordinate and expedite the flow of work and materials within or between departments of an establishment according to production schedule. Duties include reviewing and distributing production, work, and shipment schedules; conferring with department supervisors to determine progress of work and completion dates; and compiling reports on progress of work, inventory levels, costs, and production problems. O*NET
41 Proofreaders and Copy Markers Read transcript or proof type setup to detect and mark for correction any grammatical, typographical, or compositional errors. Excludes workers whose primary duty is editing copy. Includes proofreaders of braille. O*NET
42 Receptionists and Information ClerksOccupation is in National High Growth industry Answer inquiries and provide information to the general public, customers, visitors, and other interested parties regarding activities conducted at establishment and location of departments, offices, and employees within the organization. O*NET
43 Retail SalespersonsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Sell merchandise, such as furniture, motor vehicles, appliances, or apparel to consumers. O*NET
44 Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Except Legal, Medical, and ExecutiveOccupation is in National High Growth industry Perform routine administrative functions such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, or providing information to callers. O*NET
45 Social and Community Service ManagersOccupation is in National High Growth industry Plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization. Oversee the program or organization's budget and policies regarding participant involvement, program requirements, and benefits. Work may involve directing social workers, counselors, or probation officers. O*NET
46 Speech-Language Pathology AssistantsOccupation is in National High Growth industry Assist speech-language pathologists in the assessment and treatment of speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders. Implement speech and language programs or activities as planned and directed by speech-language pathologists. Monitor the use of alternative communication devices and systems. O*NET
47 Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents Determine tax liability or collect taxes from individuals or business firms according to prescribed laws and regulations. O*NET
48 Tax Preparers Prepare tax returns for individuals or small businesses. O*NET
49 Telephone Operators Provide information by accessing alphabetical, geographical, or other directories. Assist customers with special billing requests, such as charges to a third party and credits or refunds for incorrectly dialed numbers or bad connections. May handle emergency calls and assist children or people with physical disabilities to make telephone calls. O*NET
50 Tellers Receive and pay out money. Keep records of money and negotiable instruments involved in a financial institution's various transactions. O*NET
51 Title Examiners, Abstractors, and Searchers Search real estate records, examine titles, or summarize pertinent legal or insurance documents or details for a variety of purposes. May compile lists of mortgages, contracts, and other instruments pertaining to titles by searching public and private records for law firms, real estate agencies, or title insurance companies. O*NET
52 Travel Agents Plan and sell transportation and accommodations for customers. Determine destination, modes of transportation, travel dates, costs, and accommodations required. May also describe, plan, and arrange itineraries and sell tour packages. May assist in resolving clients' travel problems. O*NET
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Source: **Related By: O*NET™ - The Occupational Information Network. O*NET is a registered trademark of the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration.
SOC4 - Occupational grouping based on 1st 4 digits of the Standard Occupational Classification system.

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This section shows the top 10 occupations and the corresponding individuals in the workforce system who were previously Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll and Timekeeping and have changed their occupation over the last 5 years.
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In South Dakota, the top three occupations that individuals working as Human Resources Assistants, Except Payroll and Timekeeping over the last 5 years moved to were Human Resources Managers (17.14%), Human Resources Specialists (17.14%), and Healthcare Support Workers, All Other (8.57%).
Source: Individuals with active résumés in the workforce system.

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